Anatomy of the Suit

Anatomy of the Suit



We only purchase fabric that is made and woven in Italy, generally pure Australian Merino wool. Our fabric is woven to order specifically for us, therefore is exclusive to Rhodes & Beckett

Quality of Make 

Rhodes & Beckett suits are hand-tailored (made largely by hand) with a floating canvas chest piece. We use only high-quality linings, trims and buttons and our lapels and seam details are hand (or ‘pick’) stitched to ensure each garment is beautifully finished.

Our suits are tailored in Europe (we transport the fabric there from Italy) by some of the best suit factories in the world. These factories only produce the highest quality garments.

Cut & Styling

The cut (or fit) of our men’s suits is something that is unique to Rhodes & Beckett. We have developed three main cuts progressively over the years utilising feedback from our senior retail staff, customers and by analysis and comparison to the leading international brands.

Jacket Trims

Each suit is constructed with a Pick Stitch detail that is unique to high-end luxury suits. The Pick Stitching along the Jacket lining edge is dyed to match the waistband Pick Stitching. This gives a unique touch to our suits and heightens the focus on this traditional and luxurious technique.

Pant Trims & Details

Enhancing our already luxurious suiting range we use only higher quality Italian cotton pocket lining, and a sophisticated waistband construction.

Rhodes & Beckett waistbands are constructed from an especially produced Italian taping; made from 100% cotton fabric. Carefully cut on the cross, our revised taping is as comfortable and flexible as our current waistband. Furthermore, the delicate piping, pick-stitching features and higher quality materials add more value due to the added complexity of detail.